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Get your photos and videos online quickly

There are many ways to upload your pictures & videos to Flickr. In addition to web based upload form, there are few good FREE tools available to upload photos & videos very quickly and effectively. Very minimal effort is required to upload photos & videos using Flickr Uploadr.

Trace a Gmail Email Account

Copyright © 2008 Ed Opperman When Gmail first threw its hat into the email ring a few years ago, its service was open only to those who had received an invitation. Now, however, it’s free and has exploded into one of the most popular email services available – thanks to Google’s trusted brand name, its […]

Print Pictures only from Web sites

When you browse Internet, you might want to print a picture from any of the website of your interest. There is a simple way for that. Just follow the below steps: Right click on image Chooses the option Print Picture If you want to edit the picture before printing, then first save this picture file […]

Backup your browser Bookmarks / Favoutites

If you are using Internet Explorer, then follow the below mentioned steps to take the backup of your browser Bookmarks / Favoutites: Open “My Computer” window. (By either double-clicking the shortcut icon or clicking on “Start”then choose “My Computer”) Browse to C:Documents and Settingsyourusername and find the “Favorites” folder.Note: if you cannot see this folder; […]

Orkut Softwares

Here in this post, I’m going to tell you about three softwares which can be very usefull while doing orkuting. 1. Orkut Cute: It is an interesting software which can be used for: Sending a same scrap to all your friends including hyperlinks. Starting a same topic in all your communities. Get Notifications like “New […]

Tips for using Search Engine

If you want to search for any topic using search engine, the search engine will search with the given information and will provide a list of links of websites along brief description about each website. Along with using the right search terms, the following points must be noted to search the information on the internet: […]

Enhance your Internet connection with SG TCP Optimizer

Microsoft Windows XP uses a variety of registry settings to control how fast data is passed to and from network interfaces, so tweaking these settings to more accurately reflect the capabilities of your connection is a good idea. So, if you have a broadband internet connection, chances are there’s a few things you could do […]

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