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Use your internet bandwidth with its highest capability with eMule Turbo Accelerator

eMule Turbo Accelerator is a new and excellent add-on for eMule file sharing program which increase your downloading speed. It basically ensures that the available internet bandwidth is used to its highest capability with minimizing the loses.

Protecting Microsoft Word Document with Password

You can protect your document by applying password so that unauthorized person can not read or modify your document. Password to open the document: If it is applied then you have to give the correct password to open the document, otherwise you cannot open the document. Password to modify the document: If it is applied […]

Microsoft Excel to Word / PowerPoint

If you ever try to copy Tables of Data from Microsoft Excel to Word / PowerPoint, then you must have seen that they are always out of shape after copying and you have to re-adjust all the lines to get it back in shape. Sometimes no matter how we adjust, it just doesn’t look right. […]

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