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Keep your Windows XP up to date

The Windows update feature notifies you of the latest updates and bug fixes for the Windows XP operating system directly from the Microsoft website. To launch the Windows update, you click the start menu, point at the “All Programs” button, and then click “Windows Update” in the programs menu. As soon as you click select […]

Installing the accessibility options

The accessibility options are not always loaded as standard so you will need your windows CD to install them. 1. To see if you have accessibility options installed on your computer, click on Start >> Programs >>Accessories. Look for an Accessibility choice on the drop down accessories menu.

Optimize Computer Performance

Some people think that optimizing the computer’s performance is a difficult task. But, it is actually a simple and easy task. Just take the following simple steps to optimize the computer’s performance.

Copy a path to the Clipboard

Many times, you may want to obtain a copy of the path of a file or folder in the hard disc of your computer. You may need this very frequntly in the organization or office.

Tips to inmprove your windows speed

Below are some usefull tips to to inmprove your computer speed Remove all junk software from your computer Disable Windows Defender Disable User Access Control Reduce graphics and other UI features Remove unnecessary startup programs Disable unnecessary services Disable Windows Search Indexing Monitor tasks running Upgrade RAM

LOCK your private Folder

If you want to LOCK any of your private folders in your computer without any software; then below mentioned steps might help you: Suppose you want to lock the folder PERSONAL in D drive. Thus, it’s path shall be D:/PERSONAL 1. Open the notepad. Type ren PERSONAL PERSONAL.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} Now save this text file as LOCK.bat […]

Change your Logon Message

Here, I’ve a simple and easy tip for you to change the Logon Message for your Windows: Click Start > click Run > Type Regedit; then click OK. In registry editor, go to hklm > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current version > Winlogon Right click on LegalNoticeCaption > Click on Modify. Type: […]

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