Notepad as a Diary

Do you want to keep a diary in your PC or Laptop…

You can do this very easily. Do the Following:

  • Open Notepad
  • Type : .LOG
  • Save it with any name say ‘Personal_Diary’
  • Open Personal_Diary.txt again

Now, you will be surprised to see today’s date and time. Your diary is ready now !!

Tips for using Search Engine

If you want to search for any topic using search engine, the search engine will search with the given information and will provide a list of links of websites along brief description about each website.

Tips for using Search Engine

Along with using the right search terms, the following points must be noted to search the information on the internet:

  • Use + sign between words if you want to search for all words. For example, to search blogs of Internet Tips, type as: Blogs+Internet+Tips
  • To search the exact match, write the words in double quotation marks. For example to search the Internet Tips, then type as: “Internet Tips”
  • Avoid to use “and”, “or” with search keywords, because these words will affect the search result.

Enhance your Internet connection with SG TCP Optimizer

Microsoft Windows XP uses a variety of registry settings to control how fast data is passed to and from network interfaces, so tweaking these settings to more accurately reflect the capabilities of your connection is a good idea.

Enhance your Internet connection

So, if you have a broadband internet connection, chances are there’s a few things you could do to optimize its speed.

The TCP Optimizer is such a free, easy Windows program that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. You can find more details and download it at the following location

Speed up your computer by Cacheman

Some programs or games consume lot of RAM that can make your computer slow down. There are softwares available on internet that help you allocate RAM appropriately. Cacheman is one such software that I’m using.

Speed up your computer by Cacheman

You can download its shareware version at the following URL

Just copy and paste the above URL in the address bar of your browser. Here you will be able to download the Cacheman. Once you install and open the software, just follow the below steps:

  • Under the Settings tab, click RAM icon.
  • Under the Recovery tab, check the User defined option and slide the bar to maximum.
  • Uncheck the square boxes accepting for the Extreme recovery mode option.
  • Click on the Optimization tab.
  • Check the checkboxes, Disable executive paging and Unload DLL’s from memory.
  • Go to file menu, select Save setting and restart your computer.

Once you restart your computer, you will find the Cacheman software running at System Tray. Right click on the icon and select the command, Recovery Memory Now.

With this simple utility, you can allocate RAM and your computer runs much more smoothly.

Clearing History and Temporary Internet Files

When you are browsing the internet, the Internet browser cached some file on the system as temporary files for later use. Your co-workers, family members can trace your activates on the internet with clicking of toolbar history button or with simply press Ctrl+H.

Clearing History and Temporary Internet Files

Also, if your are using internet at any public place like internet cafe then you should clear your temporary file history to safe yourself from cyber crimes.

To delete cookies, history and other temporary files, follow these steps:

  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools Menu then go to Internet Options. Here in General tab you will find the Delete Cookies and Delete files tab in the center of the screen.
  • First click on Delete Cookies option to delete all the cookies in the temporary files folder and then click on Delete files option to delete all the offline temporary files.
  • Now click on the Clear History button to clear your recently visited sites. You can set days to keep pages in history here.
  • Click on Ok button to save your changes.

Setting the Homepage in Internet Explorer

The homepage is the first web page that your browser loads when you start Internet Explorer. Some people set their home page as blank “about:blank”. But, lot of people set their homepage to the page where they get their emails or a page they use very regularly.

Setting the Homepage in Internet Explorer

Setting or changing your home page is easy:

  • Click on TOOLS on the main menu at the top of the screen.
  • Then click on INTERNET OPTIONS.
  • Next you will see the Internet Options dialogue box.
  • Type in the address of the homepage oyu would like to set, or if it is the one you are currently visiting just click Use Current.
  • Then simply click on the OK button.

Speed up your internet connection

A Web Accelerator software can provide full acceleration for your routine web sites browsing. With the help of Web Accelerator software you can browse your internet 4 to 6 times faster. Basically these services compress the website text data, images and heavy graphics to open or download this data with high speed.

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