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When Gmail first threw its hat into the email ring a few years ago, its service was open only to those who had received an invitation. Now, however, it’s free and has exploded into one of the most popular email services available – thanks to Google’s trusted brand name, its simplicity, the huge amount of storage space available for absolutely free, extra features (such as POP3 access), embedded web and video chat, and so many more! Is it any question, then, that millions of people are already using Gmail – even though it’s a relative newcomer on the email scene?

And though Gmail’s spam filters are among the best available, there is a chance that, at some point, you’ll receive unwanted email – and it might even be from a Gmail address. In such an instance, your best bet is to use Gmail’s own reverse email search; it’s easier for Gmail, after all, to search its own records than to have an outside source looking in. See what you’re able to discover about the sender. (Gmail is especially attractive to those wishing to remain very much anonymous, because the headers in any given piece of mail are stripped of any and all IP information. Thus, the stalker or hacker believes himself or herself to be secure.)

Even if you don’t have much luck, or any at all, you are far from out of options. In fact, now would be a good time to check out one of the many free independent reverse email search engines available online. When using these sites, the key is to remain tenacious – because it may take a good while before you produce results. Giving up is the last thing that you want to do; after all, even if the reverse email search engine you are using isn’t having any success at all, bear in mind that there are those services which, for whatever reason (and there exist a few possibilities), have more success than others!

If you are still having little to no success, or if the email received was of a particular harmful or malicious nature, you might want to consider contacting a third party for some needed extra help. I am referring to professional investigators who specialize in online matters, since they have tools at their disposal not necessarily available to you. Every step taken online leaves a ‘footprint’ – data that can be tracked and which will inevitably lead to the person who has been taking the steps all along. This is true even if the person in question is using dial-up or a handful of proxies; while these factors could slow down a search, they are never able to stop a search in its tracks altogether!

Private investigators often have access to what is known as the “deep web” – information not available through conventional means such as, say, a simple Google search. So always remember that the only way to ensure your subject gets away is for you to run out of steam and simply give up. Otherwise, you should inevitably be able to find the information that you are looking for! Best of luck!


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